5 Things to Consider When Reopening Your Lash Salon

As the world begins to settle back into normalcy, businesses have slowly begun opening their doors to customers. Given that our industry requires us to literally be in our clients’ faces, many lash salons have had to stay closed throughout the last year and a half. However, with pandemic restrictions lifting in some places, we can now begin welcoming lash customers back into our salons.

To help you reopen and keep everyone safe, we’ve put together some things to consider before you do it.

Is it definitely safe to open?

We’re all itching to be over with Covid, but some are rushing into it without taking into consideration what’s going on around us. If your area is letting businesses open, check to see what limits still exist (e.g. how many people can be in a closed space at the same time).


Your safety and the safety of your customer should always be top priority. If for any reason you feel that it might not be safe to open fully just yet, hold off. Or, if you have a few loyal customers who you know have been safe (and may even be vaccinated), consider a soft reopening, where you take on only existing clients that you can trust.

tweezers for lash extension

Have you upped your cleanliness game?

Any salon, whether it be for hair, cosmetics, or lashes, should always be immaculately clean, pandemic or not. But, for the peace of mind of your loyal customers and your fellow lash artists, going a step beyond will definitely not hurt.

Wipe down your lash beds after each session, sterilize any tools that need to be sterilized, and make sure to have disinfectant at the entrance and anywhere else in the salon where you think it might make sense. Still, try to keep a balance and don’t go overboard. Sometimes being too careful can push things the other way and create more resistant bacteria.

Find guidelines in your area about keeping things clean but not oversterlized:

Checkout full guide line on how to sanitize lash salon.

Do you have the space to rearrange?

Even if things are getting better, we still need to keep a distance from one another. If you have several lash beds in your lash salon, are you able to move them around so they’re at least two feet apart? If not, you may need to remove one.

You will also need to create a barrier between the front desk and the customers, and that may also include making more space. If you have any lash products for sale in the salon, move them to the back instead and bring them out only when you plan on selling them to a customer.

It’s a bit of a pain, but you also don’t want everyone touching everything in the salon when they’re just browsing. And, needless to say, but any testers are out of the question, 

Are all your products up-to-date?

Check your stock and see if anything has expired since the last time you’ve opened your doors. Lash glue that’s past its use date isn’t gonna be of any use to you. Think of it like a fresh start, like you’re opening your lash salon for the first time ever. 

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Reorder anything you think you may need, but still keep it in smaller quantities than usual. Since in some places there still may be a chance of a subsequent wave, you don’t want to reorder a bunch of things and then have to close temporarily again. 

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Do you have a plan for bringing in customers again?

Reopening is great, but if your customers don’t know about it, you won’t be getting much traffic anyway. Make sure to advertise your reopening on your social media accounts and in your storefront. Send out a mailshot to your current customers, and maybe even provide them with a discount for their first time back.

Walk-ins are still risky, so set up a reservation system where customers can only come in if they’ve made an appointment, and make sure to have a waitlist as well. If you need to adjust your hours, do so and also make it known. 

 things to consider when reopening your lash salon

To conclude...

We are all in need of some pampering after this crazy year and a half, and there’s nothing more pampering than a new set of lashes! As you plan your reopening, consider the above pointers.

With the current situation, people are looking to do the things they love but still staying safe in the meantime. If you provide that to them, your lash salon will be bustling once again.

Good luck, and happy lashing!

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