5 of the Hottest Lash & Brow Trends For 2020

According to the recent trend report from Salon Today, lash services are booming, and there are no signs of slowing down in 2020. As the eyelash extension industry is growing, it is also continually evolving. It pays to stay ahead of the trends— literally. The more diverse style you can offer, the more money you'll make. 

"The beauty service industry is quite saturated at the moment. I added rare curls like L, L+, U curls to stand out in the market. They help me to differentiate my services from others, and it shows on my income balance sheet!" says Mi-Joo, BL certified trainer from Korea.

Before the time of Instagram, beauty trends typically came from the pages of magazines. However, internet-savvy clients of 2019 and 2020 are always on their lookout for professional lash stylists with exciting new ideas and skills. 

In this time and age, lash artists need to stay relevant and actively showcase their versatility. Mastering the latest beauty trends will not only show that you're on top of your game, but it also shows your clients that you care.

Ready to find out the latest trends & styles? Here are our predictions for the top lash & brow trends to watch out for in 2020:


1. Texture the lashes

5 of the Hottest Lash & Brow Trends For 2020 by bl lashes

Photo credit: @lashesbybrooklynlauzon

Extreme mega volume and perfectly symmetrical 'false lash' looks are so last year. For 2020, it's all about adding texture to the eyelashes. 

"It feels like we're finally transitioning out of the "influencer" fog, where everyone applies the same cut crease and contour, and into a more expressive and adventurous territory," confirms Celia Burton, Make-Up Artist for her interview with Elle magazine.

Mixing multiple lengths and diameters across the lash line on the bed of perfectly wide fans is a key to achieve this beautifully feathery look. Products like BL Mink Lash's fine thickness ranges (0.03~0.10mm) help to create that look with a wide variety of diameter, curls, and length. 


2. Express volume - Premade Lash Fans

Glam 5D premade lash fans by bl lashes

Time is money for both the lash artist and the client. For that reason, we believe that 2020 may end the industry's most heated debate of using premade lash fans. 

The undeniable advantage of premade volume fans is that they allow the artist to provide fuller coverage in a shorter time. What's more, premade fans are incredibly versatile. 

Read this: Learn more about different styles of premade lash fans.

Premade lash fans are just as great for creating spiky, wispy looks as they are for creating a beautiful Russian Volume set. You can add dozens of BL 5D lashes to give an extra edge to natural eyelash sets or using BL Glam 5D lashes to create a show-stopping eyeliner look with extra fullness.


3. Well-rested lashes 

5 of the Hottest Lash & Brow Trends For 2020 by bl lashes

The days of extreme eyelash extension length and diameter are over. Both lash technicians and clients understand now that long extension isn't always a good idea, especially when it compromises the wellbeing of the natural lash. 

The year 2020 is all about lash health and safety. Our team of experts predicts a return to lighter and shorter extension lengths next year. And you know what the good news is? You can achieve density by adding more volume to the fans. So you can assure your clients that even shorter length lashes can create a gorgeous dark lash line. 

The secret to safe yet eye-catching results lies in the application process and product selection. 

  • For the Volume set, opt for lightweight lashes, rich black extensions like BL Mink Lash 0.03
  • For the Classic set, Super Flat Lash is our customers' absolute favorite.


4. Bottom lashes are going top  

5 of the Hottest Lash & Brow Trends For 2020 by bl lashes

So volume lashes are a huge trend right now—what's next? It may be time to try your hand at lower lash extensions to add depth to the bottom lash line and create a more cohesive look. We believe 2020 is a year where they finally become a trend.

Why? The bottom lash extension gives extra definition and length, and it can help open up your client's eyes, making them seem even more notable and more dramatic without looking "fake."

As the lash and brow trends for 2020 are projected to be 'texture, customization, and balanced,' it makes a total sense that bottom lash will make its grand debut it deserves. 

Shop BL Laser Mink Under Lash 

5. Consistently inconsistent brows 

5 of the Hottest Lash & Brow Trends For 2020 by bl lashes

Credit: Shutterstock

Bold brows aren't going anywhere. But think less of Instagram-y stamped-on brow look, and more of a soft, fluffy brow. Meet the "consistently inconsistent brows," the style everyone will be wearing in 2020.  

If brow styling isn't part of your service, consider adding an eyebrow extension service to the menu in 2020. Once you get the hang of lash extension, learning how to do eyebrow extensions is easy. 

With the eyebrow extension, you can restructure the entire brow, reshape the arch and fix the sparse spots- it's an excellent confidence booster service for the clients who are not yet committed to the more permanent solutions like microblading. 

We have also noticed that there's are a growing number of salons offering the eyebrow extension service to male customers who need a one-off eyebrow solution for their important events like a wedding day! 


Summary: 2020 Lash & Brow Trend Forecast

"Customization is the key" 

Not only the lash artists but also the lash clients have started to understand that: "There is no such thing as one style fits all." With volume lash extension entirely in trend, the importance of design customization is higher than ever. 

Are you ready to make a difference? Below are our recommendations to all lash artists out there:

  1. Know your lash extension products: Learn to choose the right materials, volume, weight, thickness, length of lash extensions 
  2. Experiment with different styles & designs on different eye shapes
  3. Practice, adapt and repeat. 


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