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[SET] Lint-Free Patch - No Print

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[SET]Lint-Free Patches for Eyelash Extension Application

Main Features
  • No label packaging
  • Extra thin and flexible to work with
  • Ultra-deep symmetric curve to perfectly fit the under-eye shape
  • Lint-free coat enables a hassle-free application
  • Gel pads with SAFE anti-aging nutrients 
  • One satchel contains 1 set of patches (=2 patches)

These patches contain ingredients with all less than 2 EWG levels, which is a great indicator to show the safety of the ingredients and that makes these patches perfect for those clients who are sensitive to cosmetic ingredients. 

Our eyepatch has a lint-free coating, designed to prevent lash tweezers from becoming entangled in the fibers during application leading to a hassle-free application. Enjoy a seamlessly soothing lash extension application experience with BL lint-free eye patch.

Ultra-soothing gel pads are made with anti-aging nutrients such as collagen & arbutin fortified. It keeps the skin under the eye moist and firm. You can sell this retail to your clients to boost profits. 


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