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Social media - the best friend and worst enemy of all small business owners - and lash artists and studios are not an exception. Creating a brand presence for your business on social media allows the possibility of exposing yourself to negative reviews. When this happens, it can throw you into a whole limbo of emotions from surprise to disappointment, but we are here to tell you how you can remedy the situation. 

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People leave negative reviews and social media comments for various reasons, such as:

● They want an apology from the owner.   

● They want to save other customers from a bad experience.   

● They want honesty and transparency in policies.   

● They want a refund or salon credit.   

Unfortunately, satisfied clients do not generally leave a review compared to unhappy clients, and many factors made their experience a bad one during their visit. It could be the attitude of the lash artist, the work quality, the extensions quality, or even pricing. Your job is to ensure that every client that walks in leaves satisfied, but it does not mean you can avoid negative feedback. 

Today, we are here to guide you on what you can do when you encounter a negative review or comment on social media. Instead of taking this too personally, take a deep breath and take the negative comments as constructive advice to better your services and business because who knows?

You might be able to turn this client's experience around. Here are some of our tips on how: 

You Just Received A Negative Review: How To Respond 

Recommendation sites like YELP, Google My Business, or Facebook business page allow users to post their comments to help other users understand or know more about the business.

Sometimes negative reviews may pop up along with all your other positive ones. We know it sounds like bad news, BUT you are wrong! Negative reviews may actually be a good thing because over 1.3 million local business reviews discover that what puts a business in top results are based on both quality, quantity, and the volume of interactions from clients.

So, keep in mind that any reviews you may get can work on your favor. 

Each negative review opens up an opportunity for you to convert the unfortunate experience into a good one. We have listed a guide to tackle such situations. Here's how: 

Respond to every review 

Keep your customer service at a constant habit. Acknowledge and thank clients that leave you a good review and also to those who gave a bad review. It shows that you are made aware of the issue and are looking into improving your business. 

Take the conversation offline

When you receive a bad review, always take the initiative to find a way to communicate with the client and investigate the incident. 

Play detective 

When an unfortunate event has been made aware, always investigate what happens so that you can take steps to prevent it from happening again. So, talk to your staff and take account of their side of the story. This way enables you to have a better picture and a better position to explain to the client. 

Damage control

Reach out to the reviewer and thank them for their honest feedback. While doing so, explain to what has led to this unfortunate experience and that you are taking precautionary steps to ensure this does not repeat itself. Redeem your business and, hopefully, a new client by offering them a complimentary service to show that you have mended things. As for your staff, make it clear and brief them on proper knowledge and training.

Of course, there will be times (very rare, but the world is weird so, who knows!) when a negative review is completely false or someone looking for a freebie. When this happens, we encourage you to thread this with extra precautionary by documenting all consultations from start to finish. Or, you can always report them to the site should you discover that the review is false. 

You Just Got A Notification Of An Upsetting Social Media Comment: How To Respond

When we say a negative social media comment, what we meant was that a comment or a response that reflects as a review of your business that is being posted on your business's social media profiles as a post or as a response to a comment. 

negative review

With social media gaining popularity, your clients typically use social media as a platform to gain attention or a response from the brand. With that in mind, there is a general understanding that businesses should respond to consumers within an hour, and there are certain etiquettes that you should adhere to, such as: 

  1. Being respectful 
  2. Being succinct
  3. Apologetic

Take advantage of your social media platform as another form of effective customer service channel, as that is what is expected by your clients. So, take their feedback seriously and find a way to make amends, such as offering them another try for free. 

Remember, in any business, sometimes you encounter a client that may not be 100% happy with your product or service. That's natural. Don't need to get caught up in an emotional wreck over this. You can't make everyone happy anyway. (You're not tequila!) Just take one step back from the situation and let it cool and come back, and always keep your professionalism as your utmost priority. 


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