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Aftercare Kit Gift Ideas for
Lash Extension Salons

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Who doesn’t love free stuff!

Whether it’s a sample of a new product at the grocery store, trial-size makeup and perfume in your favorite magazine, or a trial subscription to a popular streaming service, we want it.

For us as consumers, it gives us a bit of extra good feeling, as if we’ve done a good job. And for us as lash artists, it keeps clients happy and likely to come back over and over again. 

Why should you give out lash aftercare kit?

Gifts help to build loyalty

Gifts help to strengthen relationships and build loyalty, so if you want to make sure your clients come through your door month after month, nurture your relationship with them with a freebie every now and again.

Newer clients need that bit of extra care to get them to return (and even recommend you to their friends), but don’t neglect your regulars either, the ones who already do come back often.

With a free gift, they’ll be sure to feel doubly appreciated and likely become a brand ambassador of your salon. 

Lash extension aftercare benefits both the lash artist and the client

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Giving out a free lash extension aftercare gift kit has several benefits for both lash artists and clients.

How? One of the most crucial factors for a long-lasting lash extension set is how well the client looks after the lashes once they walk out of the salon.

Long-lasting lash extensions not only benefit the client, but they’re also key to your reputation as a lash artist.

Important factors in lash extension aftercare

We all know why aftercare is essential, and we should encourage our clients to make sure to do it for better results at their next appointment.

Some key factors to bear in mind for the best aftercare are:

You can create aftercare gift bags based around these factors so that they’re tailored to your clients’ specific needs.

When to reward your lash clients

Of course, giving feels good, but we can’t just give out free gifts to clients all the time. Doing this will soon hurt your profit margin if you’re not careful. That’s not what we want, and it is definitely not why we give out gifts in the first place.

Consider creating a reward system for your gift-giving, so that they’re treated more as rewards rather than random gifting. 

  • Tier 1. First-time visitor 
  • Tier 2. Return clients (for example, after 5 full set appointments, the client gets a reward)
  • Tier 3. Super loyal clients (clients are rewarded after 10 full set appointments)

You can do this by creating loyalty cards that can be stamped at every visit. Clients will have further incentive to keep coming back, and you’ll have a chance to build a strong client base.

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Must-have items in your lash aftercare kit

What makes a great aftercare kit? The amount of thought put into it, of course. It’s not just including small trial-size samples, it’s providing aftercare products the client can use (and hopefully even buy again once they run out!).

And just like you need to tailor your kits to the client’s needs, you should also create kits based on whether they’re coming to you for the first time or have been with you for ages.

Aftercare kit idea for first-time clients

First-time clients have no obligation to return. They may have heard about you from a friend or simply saw your storefront while passing by and decided to stop in to book an appointment.

Your job is to make their time with you enjoyable so that the next time they need a gorgeous lash set they remember you. 

To help make their visit extra special, send them off with aftercare essentials such as:

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Offer lash cleanser at a 50% discounted price

Cleansing lashes is important because it prevents bacteria growth, but this idea may be foreign to someone who has never had extension lashes before! New clients should be taught to make a habit of using a lash cleanser.

However, if giving away a full bottle of the product is too costly for you, offer a lash cleanser at a discounted price to your first-time clients.

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Aftercare kit for return clients 

She loved her first time and she’s back again! A return client is your chance to make an even better impression and seal the deal. Better yet, if she’s back for the second or third time, it’s more likely she’ll be back for the 4th, 5th, 20th…you get what we’re getting at.

Show your returning clients some extra love by gifting them with:

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Aftercare kit for super loyal clients 

You may have already on them over a long time ago (it’s why they keep coming back), but your super loyal clients deserve just as much care as first-timers and return clients—we could argue they deserve even more for their loyalty.

To help them continue to care for their natural lashes, make sure to gift them with:

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MD Advanced lash growth factor by BL Lashes is a scientifically advanced lash growth serum that promotes rapid growth in natural lashes. Enriched with polypeptides and carnosine, this formula helps  natural lashes grow quickly.

This product can help anyone have long, shiny, voluminous natural lashes within a month. It also helps increase the number of healthy natural lashes, which produces more effective results in lash extension. This is a great retail item for your clients.

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Make your kit Instagram-worthy

Want an easy way to get your name out there? Make your aftercare kit worthy of Instagram, and you’ll soon have dozens of brand ambassadors out there.

We all love to share the gorgeous things around us, and your clients certainly aren’t the exception. They’ll be sure to share pictures of your kit on their social media accounts, which will only lead to more clients knocking at your door.

To inspire you, here are some kit packing ideas & coupon design we loved:

The benefits of providing free gifts to clients far outweigh the small cost it takes to create them. For one, your clients will be encouraged to care for their lashes (whether natural or extension), which will make it easier for you when it comes time for their next appointment.

They will also be more likely to buy more products from you, increasing your profit stream. And, as a bonus, you will have loyal brand ambassadors getting your name out there, whether that be through classic word of mouth or through Instagram. 

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