BL Regular glue guideline

A good quality lash extension glue contributes a considerable amount to the retention of lash extension. Hence, taking delicate care of your adhesive is the first step every lash artist should learn to produce a top-quality lash set. 

BL regular adhesive

How to use

1. Set the lash room to a temperature of 22°C to 25°C and a humidity of 45% to 70%.
2. Squeeze the glue at a 90-degree angle.
3. After use, clean the glue smeared on the nozzle with paper and wipe it clean.
4. Close the lid and seal it after use.
5. Squeeze out fresh glue after every 20 minutes.
6. After using it, put it in a zipper bag with a desiccant and store it in an upright position.


1. Do not transfer the contents to regular plastic, glass containers, etc. since the glue has a special bottle.
2. Do not mix with other glues.
3. Make sure to ventilate the surrounding while using the product.

How to store

1. Shelf Life: 6 months before opening and 1 month after opening the bottle.
2. Store it in a dry and cool place, keep away from direct sunlight.
3. Proper storage temperature: 3°C to 25°C before opening and 15°C to 25°C after opening the bottle.
4. Proper storage humidity: Lower the humidity, fresher the glue can be stored.
5. Do not refrigerate the product as condensation will adversely affect the performance of the product.


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