BL Eyelash Extensions

All of the lashes by BL Lashes (formerly Blink) are handmade, ensuring quality and consistency. We use the best quality PBT fiber made in Korea to make sure that our lashes are soft, lush, and flexible. 

Every single extension lash we offer is inspected to have consistency in color, curl, and length. We conduct product tests to ensure the highest quality as well as continuing to expand our range of products to be the most innovative in the industry.

Why choose BL Lashes?

BL Lashes is dedicated to producing the most innovative, high-quality eyelash extension products in the industry. We have invented and patented more than 40 products and technologies that have changed the landscape of the extension lash industry you see today.

We always conduct a product test to ensure the highest quality while continuing to update and expand our product range.

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BL Eyelash Extensions

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BL Lashes offers high quality eyelash extension supplies that we are developing in South Korea. Please contact us for requests and questions: BL Lashes Contact.



BL Blink eyelash extensions and supplies - curl chart


Classic extension is a method of attaching one extension lash to one natural lash at a time. This method is also known as a 1 by 1 extension.
Classic extension is perfect for clients who want to add more length on their already plentiful natural lashes or for those who are looking for a natural eyelash extension.
bl blink lashes for classic extension

BL Natural Mink Lash (Real Mink)

Natural Lash stands out in quality. Since Natural mink lash is made of 100% real fur, it is super lightweight and provides a pure shine. It is adaptable to the surrounding temperature and humidity as well.

Thanks to the natural cuticle layers that hold the glue, Natural Lash prevents the glue from forming a droplet at the root of the extension lash, and it is suitable for any type of glue regardless of their viscosity.

6 lines. 100% natural mink fur.

bl blink natural mink lash extension supplies
  • Provides a luxurious shine
  • Lightweight
  • Highly adaptable to surrounding temperature and humidity
  • Suitable for any glues regardless of their viscosity

Curl: J / B / C / D
Thickness: N / A
Length (mm): 7(MTO), 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Mix(8~13)






Flat lashes are perfect if you want fuller-looking lashes without adding weight to natural lashes. These lashes are flattened and this shape makes the lash itself super soft and much lighter than the typical one.

The concave surface on a Flat lash provides a greater contact area for adhesion fastening, which makes the lashes last much longer than normal extension.

bl blink eyelash extension supplies - classic extension flat lash series overview

BL Flat Lash

BL Flat Lashes create a thicker looking lashes with less weight. The wide base gives an impressive eyeliner effect along the lash line by filling and correcting the gaps between natural lashes.

bl blink Flat Lash Extension supplies
  • Create a thicker lash look with less weight
  • Eyeliner effect
  • High gloss finish

Curl:  J / B / C / D

Thickness: 0.15 Length (mm): 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Mix(7~14)

Thickness: 0.20 Length (mm):  8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Mix(7~14)

bl blink eyelash extension supplies - classic extension flat lash series details

BL Super Flat Lash

With the cutting-edge technology of BL Lashes and pressed surface to have superior interlocking flat shapes, Super flat lash is 75% lighter than normal mink lash and has 35% longer retention time.

The deeper split of each lash delivers an instant double volume effect.

75% lighter than normal mink lash

Double volume effect

Satin matte finish

Curl: J / B / C / D 

Thickness: 0.15 Length (mm): 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Mix(8~13)

Thickness0.20 Length (mm)8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Mix(8~13)

BL Blink eyelash extension supplies - super flat lash details



Our inspiration & breakthrough

The idea of creating indentations on a synthetic lash has emerged during our study of the human hair itself. Inspired by the fact that the scaly and uneven surface of the human hair cuticle naturally allows better adhesion than a smooth surface, we have created the world’s first laser processed extension lash eventually.

Works wonders with any glue

Thanks to the indentations on BL Laser lashes that hold the glue, they prevent the glue from forming a glue droplet at the root of the extension lash. BL Laser lashes work wonders with any glue regardless of its viscosity.

Why Laser?

Just like the friction between tires and the road stops cars from skidding, these microscopic laser-processed indentations in the BL Laser lashes create an instant bond between the extension and natural lashes. Therefore, they prevent extension lashes from sliding off from natural lashes. As a result, BL Laser lashes deliver a much faster and easier extension experience to lash artists.

25% longer lasting

The concave surface on BL Laser lashes provides more bonding areas which let the extension last 25% longer than the normal extension.

 bl blink laser lash extension series  BL Lashes Blink laser lash extension variety chart

BL Laser Mink Lash

These individual synthetic mink lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection, and versatile at the same time. Give your clients a various selection of looks from natural to dramatic.

  • High gloss
  • Curled and tapered to perfection
  • Wide variety of curls and thicknesses available

bl blink laser lash extension supplies and wholesale details

BL Blink Laser lash extension curl-thickness and length

BL Laser Silk+ Lash

Like mink lashes, silk+ lashes are made of PBT as well. However, there are some main differences between the two: their shapes, finishes, and weights. BL Silk+ Lashes are thinner at the tip and get thicker towards the bottom. This shape helps eyelashes look fuller yet more natural.

  • More tapered area than Mink lashes
  • Full and natural look

    bl lashes blink laser silk lash measures

    bl blink laser silk lash extension supplies

    BL Laser EZ Lash

    The base curl of BL EZ Lash is straighter than the normal extension lashes. As a result, EZ lash provides more adhesive area for extensions and allows a much easier extension experience for lash artists.

    • Straighter base curl, a greater surface area for adhesion
    • Easier and faster extension


      blink bl lashes laser EZ lash curl and length

      bl blink ez laser lash extensions

       blink bl laser ez lash by bl lashes and eyelash extension supplies

      The world's first laser-processed extension that has been made for 25% longer-lasting retention time.


      BL Laser Under-Lash

      Eyelash extension on the bottom lashes helps compliment the look of top lashes and balance out those two. Achieve a doll-like effect by just adding 10-15 bottom lashes with BL Under Lash.

      • Complement the look of top lashes
      • Dramatic doll-like lash effect

      bl blink laser under-lash extension by bl lashes

      BL Laser Brown Mink Lash

      Create the perfect lash heaven for customers with lighter complexion by using BL Laser Brown Mink Lashes. 

      Perfect for the customers with lighter skin complexion

      • Subtler and more natural look 
      • 3 colors: Light Brown / Dark Brown / Dark Brown-H 
      • 14 lines: Light Brown 4 lines (Mix 9~12mm), Dark Brown 5 lines (Mix 9~13mm), Dark Brown-H (Mix 9~13mm) 5 lines

      blink laser mink brown lash by bl lashes and eyelash extension supplies


      BL Mink Lash

      These individual synthetic mink lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection, and versatile. Give your customers a various selection of looks from natural to dramatic. 

      • High gloss 
      • Curled and tapered to perfection 
      • Wide variety of curls and thicknesses available
      wholesale mink lashes and lash extension by blink and bl

      BL Color Lash

      BL Laser Color lash extensions: D.Brown, D.Brown-H, L.Brown, Red Brown, Brown Mix, Red, Green, Blue, Mix-A, MIX-B

      bl blink laser color lash extensions wholesale

      BL Rainbow Lash

      Create a subtle color by mixing it with black lashes or create a mesmerizing look by using a full set of all color shades. 

      • Use as an accent color 
      • Create a captivating look with a full set

      BL Blink Rainbow eyelash extension supplies

      BL Glitter Lash

      bl blink glitter eyelash extension suppliesColor: Silver, Gold, Red, Purple
      Curl:  J / C 
      Thickness:  0.15
      Length (mm): 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 0.20 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

      BL Jewel Lash

      BL Blink Jewel lash extension suppliesColor: CRYSTAL (SS5-7)
      Curl: C
      Thickness: 0.15
      Length (mm): 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

      BL Eyebrow Extension - B.Brow

      BLACK / DARK BROWN. The most natural-looking solution for sparse, uneven, and patchy brows.
      Eyebrow Extension is the latest must-have treatment that can be offered to your lash extension customers. The brow extension can be attached to either bare skin or existing hairs, and it gives customers a fuller and firmer look.
      Available in black and dark brown color.
      bl blink eyebrow extensions - b brow - eyebrow extension supplies and wholesale
      Available in black and dark brown color.


      The handmade volume technique allows lash artists to apply multiple extension lashes to one natural lash at a time.
      Also known as the "Russian Volume," this technique has been originated from Russia and has been spread across the world as many customers desire to have full and luminous eyelashes instead of having only long eyelashes.
      Handmade volume lashes are perfect for customers who have sparse lashes or bald spots, or who just want a more dramatic look, yet lightweight extension.
      bl blink handmade volume lash extensions supplies and wholesale


      The correct way of calculating the lash extension weight

      When you are choosing volume eyelash extensions for your client, you will need to consider the diameter of the lash extension - the thickness of the lash. 

      So it would be best if you found the safest and most suitable eyelash weight and diameter for your client.

      Because the lashes are extremely light, they are difficult to weigh. Therefore, the best measure for eyelashes is their length and diameter.

      Read here How To Calculate Volume Lash Size & Weight.

      BL Mink Lash for Handmade Volume

      BL's finest 0.03, 0.05, 0.07 mm Mink Lashes are handcrafted to perfection. As they are lightweight, extra fine, and consistent in quality, they are the quintessential extension for lash artists to create multi-dimensional doll-like volume lash fans.

      BL Blink mink lashes and handmade volume lashes - supplies and wholesale



      bl blink mink lashes for handmade volume lash extensions





      BL Easy Fanning Lashes come in 3 different styles (Feather, Feather Brown, Doll-like) are available with Easy Fanning technology.

      BL Blink easy fanning lash extensions for volume lashes

      BL Easy Fanning Lashes

      Speed up your handmade volume application.

      With Easy Fanning Lash, you can create fans at more efficient speed than you could normally do with regular volume lashes. Reduced application time without losing the fluffy and dramatic look? That's how we satisfy our customers.

      BL Blink easy fanning lash extensions for volume lashes overview


      What is the main difference between “Feather” and “Doll-like” styles?

      BL Easy Fanning Feather provides a natural, yet voluminous look.
      As each strip of Easy Fanning Feather contains lashes of varying lengths, it creates soft and natural-looking fans of multiple lengths.
      In comparison, a strip of Easy Fanning Doll-like contains lashes of a single length, and it creates a bold and show-stopping look with maximum fullness.

      bl blink premade volume lash extensions supplier and wholesale


      BL Narrow Width For Pre-Made Volume lashes

      These pre-made narrow width volume lash extensions are designed to give an impressive eyeliner effect along the lash line. 

      bl blink pre-made volume lash extensions by bl lashes wholesale


      BL Medium width for pre-made volume

      These pre-made medium width volume lash extensions are designed to give both eyeliner effect and fluffy looking.

      blink wide width volume lash extensions by bl lashes wholesale

      BL Wide width for pre-made volume lashes

      These pre-made wide width volume lash extensions are designed to give both eyeliner effect and fluffy looking. A fluffy and natural-looking set of lashes.

      blink wide width premade volume eyelash extension supplier and wholesale


      BL Glam 5D Lash

      The latest creation of BL Lashes, Glam 5D Lash makes completing a show-stopping volume set easy!

      A huge time saver

      You don’t need any extra education to start volume lashing with Glam 5D Lash pre-made fans. 

      Complete a set of volume lashes in the same amount of time you would for a classic set. Save time, serve more customers, and create more income.

      Curls in shape, color on point 

      BL's patent-pending heat treatment makes sure Glam 5D Lash's curl won't relax over time.
      Glam 5D Lash, is produced to true black color, semi-gloss finishing.

      Eyeliner effect stem design  

      The long stem design of Glam 5D Lash creates an instant eyeliner effect and accentuates the natural beauty of the client's eyes. 

      A set of volume look, half the time 

      BL Glam 5D Lash is a great way for lash stylists to save time when crafting a volume look.

      A full volume set created with Glam 5D Lash takes approximately the same amount of time as a full set of classic lashes.

      bl blink pre-made lash extensions - differences


      Each extension is 0.07mm diameter Each fan is made with five extension lashes
      12 full rows of premade fans
      240 fans per tray
      Available in C,  D Curls
      Individual length tray (8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15mm) and Mixed length tray (8-14mm)
      Hand-curled and fanned with great care 
      Made with a premium Korean PBT

       bl blink pre-made lash extensions - differences

      Bl Lashes Blink premade volume lash extensions

      Founded in 2003, BL Lashes is an international manufacturer and a distributor of products such as professional eyelash extensions, application tools, after-care, make-up products, and so on.

      Through years of hard work, BL has grown to be one of the most beloved eyelash extension brands in the world, reaching out to over 1,300 business partners in 77 countries.

      Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality and most innovative eyelash extension products in the world. At BL, we believe it is our duty to provide safe products and the education that helps every lash artists unlock the highest potential in themselves.

      In recent years, with the unique advantage of BL's headquarter located in Seoul, South Korea - the global epicenter of latest beauty trends, we have further expanded our product range to lash-care, skincare, and make-up product. With this expansion, we hope to bring more beauty and self-confidence into people's lives.

      We are always developing further!

      During the last 12 months, our team has been working hard to set up patent-pending machinery and production line to create the best pre-made lash extensions in the market.


      With highly efficient production of BL Glam 5D Lash ready, we promise you to meet the highest market demand of pre-made lash and offer you the best pre-made lash in the market.

      We are always committed to making each customer satisfied with our brand by providing an exceptional experience through great products, service, and price. Join our wish to create more beauties in the world. Let's achieve great things together.

      Sincerely, Team BL