Why You Should Always Brush Your Eyelash Extensions?

Why leave the house without brushing your lashes, when you wouldn't leave without brushing your hair? Eyelash extensions are the same as human hair on the head. Brushing plays an important role in maintaining the eyelash extension design and improving the ability to maintain eyelash extension. It also helps with eyelash and eye health, which many Lash extension lovers tend to overlook.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about brushing your eyelashes for healthy extensions, including the correct method and precautions to take.


Reasons why you should brush your lashes

Preventing Lashes from getting tangled

    Eyelash extensions are basically longer than one’s lashes, so it’s easy for them to get tangled. Also, as time passes by after getting your eyelash extensions, eyelashes with different growth cycles grow at different speeds and fall out.

    If you leave your eyelashes unattended at this time, they can get tangled and can ruin the eyelash design. To prevent this, it's good to carry a brush and comb your tangled eyelashes neatly.

    Eyelash Health

    If you don't brush regularly, makeup residue is easy to clump up. These clumped residues make it easy for bacteria to reproduce and there is a high risk of eye diseases.

    To keep your eyelashes and eyes healthy, you should always wash your lashes and hair roots thoroughly with a lash shampoo and brush to avoid clumping.

    Improves the Retention of the Eyelash Extensions

    It is equally important to maintain your lash extensions for a long time if you are spending your hard-earned money to get them extended beautifully. Brushing plays a much more important role in making them last longer.

    If the eyelashes are tangled or clumped, the design is easier to get damaged, and the damaged eyelash design reduces the extension retention. In addition, if you feel uncomfortable with your lash extensions, you may unconsciously touch them often with your hands, which can impact the lash adhesion and hence reduce the retention. So if you want to increase the retention of the lash extensions, then brushing your lashes is mandatory.


    The most asked questions about brushing Lash Extensions

    After getting your lash extensions done, you might be curious about how to take good care of them. Brushing is one of the steps which you can follow to maintain your lashes. So we have tried to answer all your questions in this blog!

    When can I start brushing my eyelash extensions?

    Frequent brushing during or immediately after the lash extension application is not recommended.

    As shown in the graph below, the glue initially undergoes initial rapid fixation, and it takes about 12 to 24 hours for complete curing depending on the amount of glue. Therefore, frequent shocks while it is not fully cured can be a factor that lowers the retention of eyelash extensions.  

    Graph showing lash glue curing

    Brushing lashes daily will help you in keeping your eyelash extensions in good shape and prevent crisscrossing. It only takes a few seconds to brush. This will help them stay in place and look neat. 

    Especially after showering or washing your face, your eyelashes get messy, so make sure to brush them gently.

    How Often Should You Brush Your Lashes?

    It is difficult to say how many times you should brush your lashes. If possible, it is best to carry a brush with you and comb it whenever the extensions are messy. If that's too cumbersome and you can't afford it, you should at least brush after washing your face in the morning and evening.

    How to brush eyelash extensions after a shower?

    Now let us check out how to fluff out lash extensions after a shower. Dabbing the towel on your eyes may pull the delicate lash extensions. It is recommended to dab the area above and below your eyes.

    Gently brush your lashes downwards from the top and upwards with a lash wand to keep them a bit more fluff. 

    Should you brush your eyelash extensions when wet?

    Don't wait for your eyelashes to dry when they are twisted. Brush them neatly and let them dry. This is because if the false lashes dry while they are still twisted, the twisting of the false lashes worsens, and the retention of the eyelash extension decreases.

    Can you wear makeup after eyelash extensions?

    If you comb your lash extensions after the makeup, it helps in removing the leftover cosmetic residue from them. If you use a coating sealant after makeup, it will give your lashes a neat and tidy look, and at the same time, you can firmly fix your lashes and extensions, improving the retention of your lashes.

    After applying the coating sealant, brush with a clean  mascara brush to prevent lashes from clumping together (Especially volume extension).

     How to brush your lashes

    How to brush your eyelash extensions in 3 simple steps?

    If you follow these 3 simple steps you can easily make your lashes last longer.

    1. Use a clean brush or wand to avoid transferring bacteria to the eyes.
    2. When brushing your lashes, brush evenly from base to end with your eyes closed.
    3.  With your eyes open, brush your lashes again, organizing the design from the base to the end.

    Eyelash Combing Tools

    1. Comb Brush:This eyelash comb has metal teeth with enough space in between that help lift and separates the lashes, remove excess mascara, and keep them from drooping down.
    2. Mascara Brush:These are great for eyelash extensions. BL Crystal Mascara Brush is very chic, lightweight, and easy to carry.
    3. Disposable Lash & Mascara Wands: Disposable eyelash brushes are essential at the salon and are a handy addition to your clients' makeup bags.
    4. Silicone Mascara Brush: It is similar to the mascara brush with the only difference in the fiber of the brush. Silicone wands are made of silicone, so you can wash it and use it cleanly.


    Once you start brushing your eyelashes, you will see the difference yourself.

    Keep your pretty eyelashes long and healthy with simple brushing.

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