What are Cluster Lashes & why you should avoid them?

Did you know that cluster lash can damage your natural lashes? You might have seen several negative cluster lash extensions reviews posted on social media by some customers without even knowing the difference between volume extensions and cluster lashes. Learn the difference between cluster lash and volume extensions from the BL Lashes blog and find out more about why using cluster eyelashes as extensions can be harmful.


What are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster lashes are disposable false eyelashes that are attached to the skin rather than to the natural eyelash, it originated from cutting off the strip lash (Individual Eyelashes).

Cluster lashes

 It's not attached as a whole like a strip lash, so it's comfortable for the eyes and looks more natural after attaching, and hence it's receiving a lot of love.


Cluster Vs Strip Eyelashes Vs Volume lashes

There are different types of false lashes available, and they can be easily confused as to where they are used. The table below briefly outlines the differences between them.

Cluster vs strip vs Volume Lashes

Cluster lashes Vs Volume lashes

Let's take a closer look at the differences between cluster and volume lashes that are similar in shape.

Cluster lashes pictures


Cluster eyelashes are applied with water-soluble glue that can be easily removed with water or cleansing water. They are easy to apply and usually last for a day.

Volume Lashes

The volume lash is maintained for approximately a month and is applied using cyanoacrylate glue that should only be removed by a professional eyelash tech. 

While volume eyelashes can also be used with disposable eyelash glue if necessary, cluster eyelashes, on the other hand, cannot be applied using eyelash extension glue. We will have a closer look at the side effects of using cluster eyelashes as extensions in the latter half of this article.

Lash Glue

Lash glue

For cluster or strip eyelashes, water-soluble adhesives should be used as shown above.

The water-soluble disposable adhesive sticks to the skin and can be removed by hand, and if you want to remove it a little more smoothly, try a cleansing kit instead.


Glue Eyeliner



These days, just like BL Glue eyeliner, there are many products that combine eyeliner and water-soluble adhesive are also been launched and help in reducing makeup time. 

Eyelash extension glue

For eyelash extensions, use cyanoacrylate-based strong adhesives as shown above for long-lasting wear. Eyelash extension glue is a type that attaches to eyelashes, not to the lash line. Therefore removing the extension by hand or oil-based solution can be difficult, lash extension removal must be done by a professional lash artist with a special eyelash extension remover. Gel remover is one of the favorite among BL customers.

Raw Material

Volume lashes, which last for a month after attachment, are made of durable PBT, whereas disposable eyelashes such as Cluster eyelashes are mainly made of PET.

Shape of Raw Material

Cluster Lash allows for easy clear creation of designs due to most of the lashes being blunt and not sleek.

The lashes used for Eyelash Extensions are all tapered similar to natural lashes, so the bristles become thinner towards the end.

Cluster vs Volume Lashes

Shape of the Fan base

The cluster lash is primarily designed to adhere to the skin, so the fan base is either blunt or has a large surface area.

On the other hand, the volume lash for eyelash extensions is designed to attach to a single strand of natural eyelashes, so the base of the fan is sleeker than the cluster lash.

Cluster lashes vs Volume Lashes (shape of the fan)

Why you should avoid Cluster Lashes?

Let's come back to the point of this article and see why you should avoid cluster extensions.

Do cluster lashes ruin your lashes?

There is no problem with attaching the cluster lash with disposable eyelash glue. However, it is problematic if cluster lashes are attached with eyelash extension adhesive.

Very few practitioners or non-professional lash artists attach strip lashes or cluster lashes with extension glue. The side effects of those treated spread here and there, and it is said that cluster lashes cause damage to your lashes.

 Do cluster lashes ruin your lashes?

The base of the Cluster lash fan is very difficult to attach to only one strand of natural eyelashes because the bottom of the fan is wide. Therefore, it is attached to several strands of eyelashes. If attached with eyelash extension glue that lasts for about a month, it can interfere with hair growth and cause eyelash loss, and in severe cases, it can lead to traction hair loss, a kind of permanent hair loss.

Do cluster lashes cause infections?

It's important that natural eyelashes fall out at the end of the growth cycle and grow back. Cluster lashes that have a large adhesive area stick to the eyelashes for too long and interfere with the growth of the natural lashes. In addition, due to the large adhesive area, the amount of glue clogs the pores which may cause contact dermatitis or infection.

How long do cluster lashes last?

Cluster eyelash extensions are not meant to be worn for a long period of time. They are a temporary solution and should be worn for a day. Sleeping with cluster extensions on is a bad idea and will worsen the health of your eyelashes and eyelids.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have looked at the differences between cluster and volume lashes and what side effects can happen if eyelash extension is being done using Cluster eyelashes.

Some people may still prefer cluster extensions because the cluster lash extension price is cheaper, and its design gives a dramatically voluminous look quickly. However, please remember that in the long run, it is very harmful to eyelash health.

And if there are people who have been using it because they were unaware of it, we hope this blog will be an opportunity to learn about the dangers of using cluster lashes as eyelash extensions.

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