The Right Visuals For Your Lash Studio Business Branding

brand design for beauty lash business

Before taking into practice what you will learn from this post, please map your target market and ideal customer first, and set your Your Lash Business Brand Styling Goals

Now you are ready to move forward and complete styling your business professionally and compellingly.

Visual brand of yours will include things like a logo, website, marketing materials, social media, the decor of your salon, even the eventual uniform you and your employees wear at work. All of these need to use the cohesive colors and other details that you will learn more about below.

By now, you should know what type of lash studio you want to have:

1) playful and youthful
2) elegant and feminine
3) earthy and friendly
4) bold and luxurious
Or a combination of any two of them. 

For example, luxurious and gently feminine - it is a very commonly used combination in the beauty world. I gathered together many images of lash/beauty salons on Pinterest - and a vast majority of them use both black (luxury) and pink (feminity) in their decor.

But why not be different? Stand out from the crowd and create your own, unique branding!

The right visuals for your lash studio branding

Your lash salon is going to be youthful, bubbly, playful:

Colors: warm and light. The basic colors are clear and bright. Here are the colors we call, for example, coral, watermelon, peach, sky blue, violet, apple, aquamarine, turquoise, cobalt blue. Supportive neutrals are cream, camel beige, and light gray.

In principle, there are no dark colors in this palette. There are gray tones here, but there is warmth in them, which makes them fit with the delicate and pure colors. The palette is vibrant, bright and simple.

Fonts: Round, sans serif, playful

Patterns & Illustrations: Asymmetric, moving, a lot is going on.

Photo style: Bright and poppy, warm.

Logo: Your logo should appear welcoming and "happy" - use a typeface and/or illustrations as described above.

The right visuals for your lash studio business branding

Credit: Beyond Beauty and Beautyspot


Your lash salon is going to be feminine, elegant, tender:

Colors: cool and pastel. They have a high percentage of gray in it – and there are no primary colors here. The keyword is muteness.

Here you can find tones such as maroon, old pink, plum, bottle green, powder green, lavender. Supportive neutrals are, for example, oysters, cool navy, a medium gray.

There are no extremes. The tones are light in their weight. There are also dark tones, but rather delicate and understated.

Fonts: Elegant and flowing, serifs, fine lines, and gracious calligraphy.

Patterns & illustrations: Detailed, fine lines, often botanical.

Photo style: Hazy, relaxed, cool.

Logo: This type of brand needs a gracious, classy logo. Botanical elements with fine lines, beautiful calligraphy - quality and elegance.

The right visuals for your lash studio branding 2

Credit: fonts Creative Market and branding example Salon Sona


Your lash salon is going to be earthy, organic, natural:

Colors: warm, but intense, rich and muted – definitely not the primary colors.

The shades here are varied between very strong and, at the same time, quenched tonalities. For example, burnt orange, mustard yellow, butter yellow, olive green, forest green, peacock, petrol, aubergine, warm burgundy.

Supported neutrals are warm browns in any shades. The colors of this group have a strong bond with the countryside and naturalness.

Fonts: Somewhat heavy with round corners, slab serif, handwriting.

Patterns & illustrations: Strong lines, simple elements.

Photo style: Earthy, moody, nature-related backgrounds.

Logo: Often "marker-style" handwriting typeface, or something retro. Background of a wood pattern or subtle color.

The right visuals for your lash studio branding

 Credit: Offbeat and Barbers


Your lash salon is going to be luxurious, bold, outstanding:

Colorsvery clear basic colors and the overall impression is cool. There is a strong contrast between pure colors, extreme shades, and tints. Pastels are not found here. The only place where black, polar white and neon colors are spot on.

You can find magenta, shocking pink, and Persian orange, pistachio, lemon yellow, cyan, royal blue, ice blue, midnight blue, indigo, royal purple.

Supporting neutrals are black, white, charcoal, silver-gray. No beige, cream or other subtle tones.

Fonts: Extremes - thick or thin lines, or even thick and thin lines in the same typeface.

Patterns & illustrations: Symmetrical, very minimalistic or oversized.

Photo style: dark and moody, or crystal clear, or minimalistic, or overly dramatic. One or the other edge, nothing in between.

Logo: Super minimalistic or with oversized letters. Edgy calligraphy, very thin lines or thin-thick combinations.

The right visuals for your lash studio branding

Credit: Surratt Beauty

Never mix color palettes from different personalities! The whole palette should consist of either tints, tones, shadows or clear colors. 

In order to mix two personalities, you can add to your color palette patterns, illustrations and photo style from some other personality.


Your lash salon is going to highlight its' nature-friendly, ecological principle - but at the same time, you want it to look high-end. 

In this case, you may want to use a subtle and muted color palette - and very minimalistic design with clean lines and of very exclusive materials, highlighting your business' straight forward mindset.

A great example is former L.Lash Bar, now LashCommon lash salon in Alberta - you can see the raw and earthy brick wall and font style (signaling natural and eco feeling) mixed well with black & white colors, metal, clean lines, and symmetric patterns (exclusivity). 

Lash Extension Business L Lash Bar Branding

Their new homepage supports that feel, mixing earthy photo style with fonts and icons that express exclusivity. Even though their new branding is different from the old one, they are sending out a similar message, simply in a very different way.

 lash extensions studio branding


Of course, brand styling is a pretty complex and time-consuming task, and it requires a great deal of focus. This little guide is meant to show you the way and give some ideas to create something unique. 

Don't rush, take your time, create some mood boards, ask for advice from the people who know your ideas and business well, and wrap it all up with the help of the best brand stylist you can find and afford. See it all as an investment, and as a fun process towards a successful lash business, you are just about to open.


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