My Lash Journey - MiJoo Choi

Hi, Mi-Joo, what's your story?

Before joining the beauty industry, I worked as a professional singer for more than 15 years, but I wanted to find a more sustainable job for myself that can last longer. I knew that I have always had a passion for art and beauty, so I delve into developing a new career as a professional beauty technician (and I love it!).

While music is always in my heart and soul, so I still sing when I have opportunities, I am currently running an eyelash extension and micro-blading salon as well as an academy for new lash artists in Korea.


What do you believe is your role in the lash extension industry?

The beauty service industry in Korea is quite saturated at the moment. I believe my role as a BL Lash trainer is to assist my students in finding their niche and edge so they can stand out in the competitive market.

Also, I believe the eyelash extension is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start their career in the beauty service industry. As a certified trainer, I would like to help their career transition as smooth as possible.

 Bl Lashes Mi-Joo Choi lash artist

Do you have a specific lash extension application style you prefer?

For me, the baseline is the eyelash extension should be comfortable to wear and must suit the natural beauty of the clients. I don't have a particular style I prefer, but the design or technique I opt for is to accentuate the individual's eye and face feature.


What's the best way you've found to attain and retain your clients?

Differentiate your service! At my salon, I offer not only popular curls but also rare curls like L, L Plus M, U curls to customize designs for each client. This is something you don't get in any other salon, and our clients keep coming back for this.

Also, I focus on providing more professional 'Spa experience' by giving an in-depth counseling session before the treatment. I do not rush into the session but try my very best that I understand each client's personal needs and wants, and I try my best they are fully satisfied.

Lastly, I can't stress enough the importance of doing a proper treatment that doesn't harm the clients' lashes. My salon is known to provide safe application and aftercare.

 Bl Lashes Mi-Joo Choi lash artist

What are your favorite BL Lashes products?

I love unusual curls like L, L Plus M, U curls from BL Lashes. They help me to differentiate my service from others, and it shows on my income balance sheet! Also, my clients love Lash Shampoo for their aftercare routine.

What advice would you give to aspiring lash artists?

Do your study and practice a lot, but above all, enjoy the process! Change your perspective, this is not just a job, but it is an opportunity to actualize your beautiful vision into reality.

When you enjoy the process, your joy shines through your every action, and I am telling you, your clients can feel your passion, too. That's how you grow trust with your clients and a long term client relationship. 


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