How to choose a lash bed and lash pillow

When you’re just starting out, a lash bed is probably the biggest investment you can make for your lash studio. When choosing a lash bed, the key is to find the perfect balance so that both the artist and the client feel comfortable and at ease. 

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our lash studio favorites with you and why we like them so much. 

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Massage bed and portable lash bed

A massage bed is one of the most popular options for lash extension service. A massage table will allow the client to lay perfectly flat, which can assist the artist during application depending on their preferred way to work. A typical massage table has an easily cleanable, faux-leather surface.


How to choose lash bed

Massage tables are also great because most are built to be durable and can support the weight of the majority of clients without them creating an indentation.

It is very common to find a massage table with up to 500lb (225kg) of working load capacity that will be suitable for most clients. 

Below bed is selling at $89.99 on Amazon (Read 5 star reviews on Amazon).

Massage bed for lash extension

However, most massage tables are manufactured with massage client comfort and therapist ergonomics in mind. Having said that, the height of a typical massage bed is quite low to perform a lash extension application, so you will have to find a way to adjust it for your comfort.  

Pros and cons of massage beds


  • Lightweight and compact when folded 
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable. It can hold up to 500lb (225kg)
  • Extra, flat working space to keep the lash palette and glue


  • Low height can cause the lash artist to experience neck & back pain
  • Flatback design strains the client’s back after a while
  • No leg room for the lash artist (for some design)

From our research, we found that many lash artists who use massage tables complain about neck and back pain caused by the low height of the massage bed. To prevent this, remember to set up the lash bed to suit your sitting height and to customize the bed so that you can fit your legs under it. 

When it comes to the client’s comfort, some find the flatback design and firm surface of the massage bed to be strenuous on their bodies, especially if they have to lie down for 2-3 hours. To help with this, add a lash bed topper (memory foam) to ensure your client is as comfortable as possible.

Price range

US $125-350 on Amazon

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Recliner chair as a lash bed

Recliner for lash bed - eyelash extension studio


Using a recliner chair is a perfect setup for lashing clients, especially if you are lashing from a home studio with limited space. You can easily adjust the angle of the chair to suit your work angle.

Recliners can provide your lash client with full support and snug comfort while getting their eyelash extensions done - a truly first-class experience! This will especially aid in their overall experience as the more comfortable they are with you and during their session, the more inclined they are to be a returning client. 


Lash bed - how to choose

Pros and cons of the recliner chair


  • A huge space-saver
  • Very comfortable 
  • Adjustable height of the recliner also eases the neck and shoulder pains of lash artists 


  • Some clients (especially pregnant or heavier clients) won’t fit in the chair
  • As the recliners are not 100% horizontal, it can be difficult to work if you prefer having your glue stone on the bed. (glue can drip down)
  • Can be difficult for tall lash technicians 

However, we have found that some recliners are not wide enough for bigger clients to sit comfortably. Be sure to check the width of the recliner before purchase. 

Also, some lash technicians find recliners are too low for their work angle. In this case, the easy solution is to add a raiser or a platform under the chair to increase the height.

When selecting a recliner, be sure to check how far it reclines before purchasing as you will want to select one that will lean far enough back for you to lash comfortably from your stool or chair.

Price range

US $150-350 on Amazon


How to select a lash pillow

Select a pillow that will provide the client with the necessary comfort and also one that won’t angle their head too much for the application. To help you choose the right lash pillow, we’ve  listed the most essential features you should consider before you purchase one:

  • A dense and sturdy structure that is still comfortable for clients 
  • Soft, removable, and washable cover 
  • Provides a good angle for you to work on


How to choose a lash pillow - eyelash extension

Ergonomic lash pillow (lash cloud pillow)

Cloud Ergonomic Lash Pillow

This type of lash pillow offers the maximum head and neck support for the client’s comfort as well as easy work angles for lash artists. The height of the sides is high enough to hold the lash tile at the client’s eye level - which makes it quick and easy to dip and place extensions on the natural lashes.

$79.99 @Her Lash Decor


U-shaped lash pillow

Lash Bed Pillow - U shape

A U-shaped lash pillow will fit perfectly on any lash bed due to its smaller width. The sides of the pillow are flat,  which means no slipping of lash supplies. The U-shaped design of the pillow also prevents the client’s head from moving side to side. 

$59.99 @Her Lash Decor


Extra tips for setting up the lash bed

  • To be more hygienic, make sure to use a fresh towel on the lash pillow for every client.  
  • Clients can get fidgety from lying down for hours. Adding a bolster to support their legs will help them feel calmer.
  • To provide the clients with extra comfort, offer a soft, fluffy blanket. 

When choosing a lash bed and pillow, remember that the client and artist’s comfort are both crucial.  

Once your lash bed is set up comfortably, your client is for sure going to have the best beauty nap ever. Time will go by much faster for them, they'll wake up with gorgeous lashes, AND you'll be able to work much more efficiently, to provide them with amazing lashes. 

Happy lashing, everyone!


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