Best oil-control products for Summer lash extension

If you have a feeling that lash retention gets worse in the summer, it’s not just your imagination. Summer months are hot and humid, and lash extensions do not like sweat, oil, and humidity.

You might be wondering, “Ok, I get the sweat and humidity, but why do we get oily lashes in the summer?’.

Some of us become a greasy monster in the Summer...
oily lash - eyelash extension and aftercare productoily lash - eyelash extension and aftercare product

When it is hot and humid outside, our body naturally produces more sweat to try to cool us down. When you’re feeling hot, your sweat glands activate your sebum (i.e. oil) glands, so when you produce more sweat you also produce more oil.

We lash artists know what oil does to a beautiful set of eyelash extensions- lash fall! This is why a sweaty summer season means poor lash retention. 

In addition to excess oil in the summer and due to the recently unfolding global events, according to, now our skin is also being faced with the threat of Maskne (Mask+acne), which is when acne shows up in spots where your mask touches your face, especially when the weather is hot and humid. When this kind of skin breakout happens, it produces even more excess oil, and inevitably the retention of lash extensions gets affected, too.

We recently posted a thorough guideline on how to handle mask-related retention issues. Read here

There are a few tricks we can help our clients get through all of these challenges being thrown at their extension lashes, so don’t worry! Here are some of the best products to help you control greasy situations.

Best oil control products for lash extension application

Lash extension primer 

Lash primer removes oil, dust, and cosmetics residue (such as stubborn oily sunscreen!)  from the client's eyelashes before applying the eyelash extensions. This pre-application cleaning routine improves adhesion, enhances retention times, and increases customer satisfaction.

Watch how to apply lash primer:

The bestselling BL eyelash primer contains allantoin, an extract of natural herbal ingredients, which is known to have disinfectant and cell rejuvenation properties. Its use results in healthy natural lashes and minimizes lash damage.

Extension Base (lash primer for extension lashes)

You can also remove surface grease and disinfect extension lashes with Extension Base. As a result, Extension Base improves retention and maximizes the longevity of eyelash extensions. 

Apply a small amount of Extension Base onto a micro swab. Touch the micro swab to the base of the lash extensions along the tape strip and wait 1 minute, then apply lashes as usual. 

Watch how to apply Extension Base:

Ulbon Glue

Ulbon Glue is recommended for customers with oily skin. The ingredients in Ulbon make this glue strong against oils and moisture, resulting in great retention. Thanks to its thin viscosity, it doesn’t interfere with other lashes. 

  • Setting Time: 4-5” 
  • Thin consistency
  • Retention: Up to 7 weeks

Lash extension glues can be quite temperamental in the summer with the weather change. Take a look at our awesome guidelines on how to maintain the top conditions of lash extension glue.

Eyelash Extension Glue and Humidity

How long does eyelash extension glue can last

What’s in my lash glue: How to read the lash glue ingredient list

Laser Lash and Flat Lashes

Oily lashes are slippery lashes! Lashing on slippery lashes causes you not only frustration but longer application time and potential development of a glue allergy because your client will be exposed to fumes for a much longer time. 

If priming and using oil-resistant glue doesn’t help, it’s time to see what different types of lash extensions themselves can do.

Patented BL Laser Lash is enhanced with a special formula to optimize the bonding power between the natural and synthetic lashes. BL Laser Lash fibers have been laser-processed to contain micro indentations. These tiny fibers optimize the bonding ability between the natural and synthetic lashes. 

The microscopic laser indentations prevent extension lashes from sliding off natural lashes. As a result, BL Laser lashes help lash artists be much faster and do their work more easily.

Laser mink lashes for better summer retention

Another solution for longer-lasting lash extension is to use Flat or Super Flat lash. The concave surface on a Flat lash provides a greater contact area for adhesion, which makes the lashes last much longer than normal extensions.

Flat lash and super flat lashes create longer retention

Not to mention that their weights are 50-75% lighter than normal mink lashes, which will be extra comfortable for the clients. Goodbye lash-pulling and eye-rubbing!

Die-hard fans of Flat lashes swear they experience much longer retention with these magic lashes.


Best oil control lash aftercare products 

During the summer months, your clients will be more prone to outdoor activities that can result in poor lash retention. Enjoying time by the beach, in the pool, or just being outdoors are all great, but it also means a potential attack on the glue bond by sweat, oily sunscreen, and chlorine in the pool. 

To help in the battle against lash loss, it’s time to Introduce some powerful retention-boosting aftercare products to your client’s beauty pouch. Here are our 3 favorite lash aftercare products for the hot summer months.

oil control products for lash extensions


Lash Shampoo

If your client is an outdoors buff who enjoys swimming in pools, lakes, or the ocean, you must recommend that she use lash shampoo. Over time, both chlorine and salt water can affect lash retention, so remind her that rinsing lashes after a swim is a must!

Best oil control lash aftercare products - Lash bath foam cleanser

BL Lash Foam is an oil-free lash cleanser. Botanically infused with lash-cleansing natural extracts like allantoin, zanthoxylum piperitum fruit, and pulsatilla Koreana, it is specially formulated to be extra gentle and completely safe for the eyes. 

Lash foam can be used every day on lashes with or without extensions. It keeps lashes clean and healthy without compromising the summer holiday fun.

See how to properly cleanse lash extensions:

Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover

Oil-based skincare products like sunscreen have a bad reputation for breaking down lash extension glue. Not only that, but many summer skincare and makeup products are also produced to be “waterproof” to maximize their durability during outdoor activities. 

Removing water-resistant makeup products with water-based makeup remover can be a challenging task for lash clients since we tell them not to use any oil-based remover! 

BL Pure Clear Lip & Eye Makeup Remover is an oil-free makeup remover that is designed to gently remove all stubbornly strong makeup residue while keeping natural lashes and eyelash extensions in tip-top condition.

Best oil control lash extension aftercare product - BL Lashes

Lash Coating Sealant

Would you walk out of a nail salon without getting topcoat polish on? You wouldn’t, right? What topcoat nail polish does for a manicure, that’s what an eyelash sealant does for lash extensions, so make sure your clients don’t step out of your lash salon without it either.

Lash coating sealant is the best lash aftercare product, especially in the summer. Why? The basic function of a lash sealant is to form a barrier to protect against the elements that can break down the lash glue. This sealing effect helps to create maximum retention as well as prevent extensions from twisting.

Not only that, worldwide bestselling BL coating sealants are enriched with essential B vitamins, such as panthenol and biotin, and essential acids, such as sodium hyaluronate and allantoin, as well as six natural extracts that have been proven to assist active hair growth.

Lash extension coating sealant for better retention - BL Blink lashes

Black Diamond Coating Sealant contains a natural color additive to create a more defined lash look. The texture of Black Diamond is slightly more viscous than Crystal Drop Coating Sealant (which is clear), so check with your client which they’d prefer.

See how to apply lash coating sealant at the salon & at home:

Get control of Summer lash retention   

Here are a few extra tips for summer lash care you can share with your clients:

  • Keep your lash extensions dry for 24 hours after having them applied. In humid weather, you really need the full 24 hours to bond. Stay cool and dry while they do so. 
  • Sunscreen needs to be applied carefully. We recommend using oil-free or sunscreens with less oil content. All spray-on types of sunscreen are to be avoided.
  • Consider using blotting papers to reduce oil, as well as matte skincare and makeup products. Using your eyelash cleanser and sealant daily is a must for oily skin types.
  • Chlorine eats away the lash glue. So, when swimming, use goggles or keep your lashes out of the water - and make sure you don’t let the chlorine dry on your lashes! Rinse them gently afterward with tap water.
  • Avoid spray tan on the face and lashes. It can be really difficult to get it off your lash extensions, and it can affect the glue bond over time. You can cover your lashes when getting a spray tan to protect them with goggles, or you can try a tanning lotion instead.

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