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BL Glue Eyeliner Set

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BL Glue Eyeliner Set

Meet the smart eyeliner kit - BL Glue Eyeliner for strip lashes & 4 best quality false lashes

  •  2-in-1 Eyeliner | The revolutionary BL Glue Eyeliner is an eyeliner and lash glue in one. It’s perfect for a quick, easy, and mess-free makeup solution.
  • Fast-drying & strong | Simply line your upper lid with the BL Glue Eyeliner, place your fake lashes, and you’re ready to go! Not only that, but BL Glue Eyeliner will keep your falsies in place all day long.
  • Compatible with all strip lashes | BL Glue Eyeliner works for all of your favorite lashes: strip, magnetic, and flare.
  • Smudge-proof & water-proof | Long-lasting BL Glue Eyeliner can stay on the whole day without smudging.
  • Color & precision | Jet black BL Glue Eyeliner comes with a precise felt tip that is designed for clean lines and smooth application.
  • Gentle Formula | Free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, latex, and paraben, BL Glue Eyeliner is suitable for sensitive eyes.

* BL Glue Eyeliner lasts about 40-50 times use.

About BL faux-mink strip lashes |

This smart glue eyeliner kit includes four of the most popular lash styles.

  • Natural | These lashes are light and feathery, creating natural-looking lashes with subtly crisscrossed to bring a smoky effect to the lash line.

  • Flirtatious | If you are in for extra drama, this lash was created to give your eyes incredible length and volume, perfect for achieving a glamorous but flirty look.

  • So wispy | Gorgeous on all eye shapes, the overall curvy style creates an innocent and feminine doll-eyed look.

  • All drama | The double-stacked lashes are arranged in a criss-cross pattern to enhance root volume, adding extra drama. Ideal for regular users and lash lovers!


1. Shake the BL Glue Eyeliner before use
2. Line your upper lid with the liner
3. Place the fake lashes
4. Hold the lashes for 2-3 seconds
5. Done!

1. Gently remove the fake lashes
2. Place a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover for 5-10 seconds on the eyelid and wipe off the liner