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First time order? Use code NEW for free shipping & 2 free gifts!
First time order? Use code NEW for free shipping & 2 free gifts!


  • Blink BL Lashes Ultra Plus Eyelash Extension Glue

    Ultra Plus Glue

    from $15.00 USD

    High performance: powerful bonding and long retention Thin, liquid-like consistency Setting Time: 3~4"  Retention: ~7 Weeks Technician Profile: A...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Lily Glue - Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue

    Lily Glue

    from $22.60 USD

    Safe glue: For clients with sensitivity to eyelash extension adhesive low viscosity (Thin, liquid-like) Setting Time: 4~5"  Retention: ~3.5 Weeks...

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  • BL Start Up Kit

    BL Start Up Kit

    $227.21 USD

    BL Start-Up Kit for eyelash extension training Set yourself up for success! Our BL Start-up eyelash extension kit includes everything you need to ...

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  • BL Classic Pro Kit

    BL Classic Pro Kit

    $281.38 USD

    BL Classic Pro Kit for eyelash extension training Classic Pro Kit. Our carefully selected BL Classic Pro Kit is designed for the lash artists of ...

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  • BL Volume Kit

    BL Volume Kit

    $251.68 USD

    BL Volume Kit for eyelash extension training Volume lash extension kit. The perfect start of Russian volume training starts with quality products....

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  • Laser Matt Lash

    Laser Matt Lash

    $16.00 USD

    BL Laser Matt Lash Extensions Ultra matt deep black finish without gloss or shine Creates an elegant and soft effect Processed with BL Laser tech...

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  • BL Beauty Bag for Eyelash Extension Supplies

    BL Beauty Bag

    $20.00 USD

    BL Beauty Bag for eyelash extension aftercare kit This LUX BL Beauty bag will fit all your aftercare beauty essentials. Made of stylish yet durable...

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