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Eyelash Extension Glue

BL Eyelash Extension Glue

At BL Lashes (formerly Blink Lashes), we believe that long-lasting eyelash extension doesn’t happen overnight by simply using stronger glue. Instead, we provide more than 15 types of lash extension glues designed for different types of climates, skill levels, techniques, and client types.

Choosing the best eyelash extension glue for each customer is one of the most important considerations when applying extension eyelashes. We are proud of our worldwide best-selling glues which hold a long track record of delivering better retention and higher customer satisfaction.

BL Eyelash Extension Supplies and Wholesale from South Korea.

  • Blink BL Lashes Eyelash Extension Glue with Powerful bonding
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    Q-1 Glue

    from $14.85 USD

    High performance: powerful bonding and fast setting Medium, silky consistency Setting Time: 4-5"  Retention: 5 Weeks~ Technician Profile: Experie...

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    from $14.85 USD