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Eyelash Extension Glue Remover

BL Eyelash Extension Glue Remover

Removing lash extensions correctly is as important as applying them. BL Lashes (formerly Blink Lash) offers a variety of eyelash glue removers that are specifically formulated to dissolve lash glues. Our professional eyelash extension removers quickly dissolve adhesives in the safest and easiest way. They are must-have items for lash extension artists.

At BL Lashes, we offer 3 types of texture (Cream glue lash remover, Gel eyelash extension remover, and Liquid glue remover) suitable for different types of lash extension removal (full set removal, partial removals) as well as various product sizes and container types for your convenience.

BL Eyelash Extension Supplies and Wholesale from South Korea.

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    Cream Remover Plus (10g)

    Original Price $9.90 USD
    Current Price $6.93 USD

    BL Cream Remover Plus 10g Main Features Most effective and safe way to remove lash extensions Suitable for removing an entire set of extensions T...

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    Original Price $9.90 USD
    Current Price $6.93 USD
    Save 30%